Taking the Mystery Out of Mp3 Downloads

 I hope you've had a chance to browse around our new store. We're so excited about being able to offer new titles along with new formats. The message of Deeper Walk - freedom, identity, and maturity - is timeless, but the way we deliver that message changes as God opens the door to new technology. 

Our newest format is the Mp3 audio download. Mp3's have been around for quite a while now, but we have just integrated that technology into our online store. Mp3 downloads have several advantages over their predecessor, the Compact Disc. You get the same great digital quality only in a format that can be stored on your computer and then manipulated in ways to fit your lifestyle. 

For example, after downloading one of your favorite speakers, you can then organize your audio files however you choose on your computer. You can then burn your own CD if you choose. These files can also be uploaded onto the Mp3 player of your choice (iPod / iPad / iPhone, Zune, Android, etc). This makes your file much more accessible and portable than a physical CD.

Because we don't have to handle and ship any physical product with an Mp3 download, we are able to offer these items to you for a lower price. Our goal at Deeper Walk is to get the resources you need into your hands at the lowest possible cost.

If you have any questions about using Mp3 downloads, or if you experience any issues with the download delivery system on our store, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at mc.deeperwalk@gmail.com or call our office at 877-467-4222.


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